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Originally Posted by BaldMonk View Post
I've heard mixed things about the JXD tablets... But a lot of people are happy with them too.
I had the JXD S7200B. Worst piece of crap I've ever bought.

The OS was buggy beyond hope, UAE didn't run full speed on it, had probems with key assigns, some emulators didn't want to run at all (FPSE) and the ones which ran could crash at any moment. The battery also lasted just 2 hours, and when it was going to discharge the tablet started freezing and becoming unresponsive. It also started reboot-looping if the battery wasn't over a certain percentage and sometimes it could even corrupt your Android storage (had to reflash so many times it wasn't even funny). The overclocking function was a big scam, it would report a faster speed but the CPU was locked to 800MHz anyway. If I were you guys I would do some benchmarking - the value shown could be completely placebo.

Worst of all, the 4.0 update was completely unusable

The hardware in them is also seriously underpowered and these people clearly have no idea on how to create an Android-based system except from copy-pasting source stolen somewhere else.

I'm not sure if they've got any better, but if they're still like that, STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM THEM!

Originally Posted by ADz View Post
Just placed an order
I seriously hope that yours will work better than mine did
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