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1. Zool 2 - for music
2. Brian The Lion - hard but great game, nice music and some extra levels
3. Super Stardust - game require skill to play but after that it's fun
4. Kid Chaos - love to play first levels for speed
5. Fight'n'Spirit - looks great and play great with pad (with standard joystic I would never touch it)
6.Black Viper - good music, nice graphic
7. Flink - game looks like old fairy tale, only bad thing is sound effects quality
8. Marvelous Marvin - another great platofrm game, not much changed, nice music
9. Chuck Rock 2 - for humor (Sega consoles have nicer graphics but Amiga version is not censored)
10. Quick Thunder Rabbit - nice game (maybe one day I will finish it)

Overall - I hate those typical "top 10" lists, You will either need to kick out some cool games out of it or add some trash to make it full.
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