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Android Gaming Tablets

I'm kinda surprised there's no mention of these things here.

The Android OS is home to a plethora of emulators, and these recent Chinese devices have made it so you can have everything from a portable Amiga, to a portable Dreamcast... Depending on the specs you purchase.

The quality varies depending on the manufacturer, but they're mostly pretty equal.

This is my device.

It's a quad-core, with 1GB RAM, 8GB (actually only about 6 or 7 usable) of onboard storage, SD Card slot, HDMI out... And it's awesome!

It seriously plays nearly anything you throw at it. I have it emulating:
Atari ST
Commodore 64
Commodore Amiga
MS Dos
PC Engine
Neo Geo Pocket
Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Gameboy Advance
Nindendo DS
SEGA Master System/Game Gear
Mega Drive/Genesis
SEGA Saturn (sloooooooow. Very early development stages)
Dreamcast (Still very early, but basically full speed)
Sony PSX
Playstation Portable (most games run full speed)

Nothing quite like being able to play these in bed before lights out
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