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Originally Posted by tnt23 View Post
Are there any decent resources on Picasso IV and/or RTG architecture? Just how feasible it would be to built an RTG card nowadays.
That's an extremely interesting topic for me. To be honest, I was thinking about it too. The main problem seems to be obtaining a decent, modern graphics controller chip, that could be easily interfaced to Amiga. Most of readily available chips are very complicated and require PCI or PCI-Express bus. There are a few chips for the embedded market that are easier to interface with a parallel local bus.

The other problem is of course availability of the modern RTG software. There are no public driver development kits available for P96 or CyberGraphX. Developers of both of these systems either moved to MorphOS (CGX) or passed the rights to AmigaOS 4 developers (P96). Reverse engineering is of course possible, but legally problematic... So I consider both P96 and CGX useless for the purpose of creating a new graphics card. However, this implies that there would be an additional huge task of developing a new, modern RTG system.

I already did some research regarding to this. If you wish, we could discuss this matter further. However, this is definitely of out scope of Support.WinUAE forum .
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