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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Having never used an Amiga via S-Video, I must admit that picture does look surprisingly good. You still can't beat RGB though, I'm not sure I understand why someone living in the UK wouldn't grab a CRT off the side of the road and use a SCART cable.
Yes S-Video is surprisingly good. I am hard push to tell a difference between S-Video and RGB on my PS2, even at high resolutions.

Good 4:3 CRTs (such as Trinitron and Panasonic with many inputs) to pick up locally in the UK are becoming harder to come by. When I first started buying up spare Trinitrons I had to only travel maybe 20 to 30 miles to get one. Now most CRTs on ebay and gumtree are usually 28inch+ and widescreen. You can't just pick up them up from the side of the road anymore or even from your local tip.

I check every few weeks for good CRTs available locally and haven't seen anything for a few months now. (although I have probably cornered the market for Trinitrons in the North UK )
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