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you're making it sound like it's an easy job. It isn't. A flickerfixer with async picture output has multiple clock domains that need to be syncronized properly. Metastability is a big issue with this kind of task. Hardware is high-speed digital design, and you need to do some research about the Amiga chipset to properly catch picture-start and line-start, let alone screenmode recognition. That's not a weekend job, and it's definitely not "just a porting job" for an open-source design. Dezz has taken himself to a class of design that's way more difficult than an accelerator. Maybe he is just realizing that now.

I know this looks like competition to Indivision AGA MK2, but I hate to see Amigans lose their money. Maybe I can help: The new production run of A1200 flickerfixers is already running, and if Dezz wants to serve his waiting customers, he could buy a few of these flickerfixers from me at dealer price. This way, waiting customers have a known-good product, and he has enough time to finish his development without the pressure of users going after him legally.

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