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From Bedrooms to Billions - have you seen it?

Yes, the Movie was released to the public only a few days ago. Head on over to their web site and grab a copy right now.

My Verdict. 9.5 out of 10

As you can see from my score, this movie is perfect, it is mind blowing. Compared to the AVGN movie you may have seen put about these days, this movie is actually AWESOME. Let me explain.

In order to get an idea of the history of retro machines, first you must present the story from the eyes of the kids and teens who made the games, and why they made them. Then you must bring in the story of the UK games industry, moving through the BBC and ZX spectrum range, and the frontier of Memory Vs the imagination. Then the Commodore C64, and the frontier of audio. Finally the Amiga, as the final frontier of gameplay and graphics. Then 'the console gap' which lead to the modern day; where games are now versions of revisions. In short, this documentary covers it all, from the eyes of the makers who made it happen. Rather than an emotional rollercoaster, instead this is a soft and gentle deep thread of facination from end to end. Everything about Crash and Zzap64! is in there; which was written by young adults of my own age-group (something I didnt realise at the time!), and even though every topic is here, we as an audience get the feeling of only just skimming the surface.

The games are far and wide. (I recognised about half to 2/3rds, including Midnight Resistance - arg!), and include many hits from the three big machines, ZX, C64, Amiga; and in the Amiga section they feature many 3D games: such as Stunt Car Racer, Midwinter and Damocles. Jon Hares story of Wizball has already been published exclusively on the LemonTube64 channel, and another 5mins dedicated to Sensible Soccer can be found in the Special Edition. I thought the Amiga content flew by quite quickly, but there were a lot of Amiga guys throughout the whole movie, talking about the general idea and logistics of producting games.

The whole production feels like it was produced with so much love and affection, the homage to the period so vivid it's almost as though its still here with us. A time when we could all be friends, together as gamers, having fun, living a dream. If you are reading this message, YOU were there; now you can relive those times again and again forever.

The extra material in the Special Edition is also worth a look for us Amiga fans, with Jon Hare on Sensi Soccer (5mins), Mike Montgomtery on creating Speedball 2 (a 1min 30 clip of this was on youtube, now you see almost 6mins). The making of Shadow of the Beast (8mins), Peter Molyneux on Populous (15mins). David Braben talks about the original Elite (31mins), plus there are a rake of C64 related materials, including 17mins of Geoff Crammond talking about The Sentinal, and his time on the BBC Micro with games like Super Space Invaders and Revs. And even an extended interview with the legend Matthew Smith and his days with Manic Miner (6mins). Plus more!

As you can tell, I think this is the most glorious tribute to that whole period, period! So gather all your friends around and make this a celebration. This one is definately worth watching.

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