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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post

Beta 19:

- Restartarting and loading another config crashed if PPC or RTG without JIT direct was active.
- After restarting non-JIT config, JIT direct was not available (old restriction that should have been gone few official releases ago)
- Added A2620/A2630 emulation and two rom images to rom scanner. (390282-06/390283-06 and 390282-07/390283-07) Not JIT direct compatible. 68000 fall back mode causes HALT4 status. ROM special feature: right mouse button at boot = enter boot menu, in boot menu shift+m and right mouse button: enter rom monitor.
- A590/A2091 word writes to DMAC WD SCSI byte registers and Z2 autoconfig registers supported. A2630 boot rom likes to do word writes to byte-size registers.
- PicassoIV AGA flifi bit was set even when using non-AGA hardware. No functional changes.
- Fixed RTG hardware emulation crash in some situations when switching (fullscreen) modes.

No changes to PPC emulation, which is also now considered complete (at least from my point of view), possible existing problems need to be debugged by someone else.
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