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Don't get me wrong, but many people that work with fpgas don't take that kind of time to make a small project like this. There are many opensource scandoublers made with fpgas that are working nice! The problem is that there is no product , Mr. Dezz wants to implement all world inside a small product. He wants all perfect. This is Amiga ffs!! It's obsolete, not perfect!
Also the next week promisse he's been making for over a year. That's not acceptable. I just want a scandoubler that minimally works on a LCD/TFT, nothing more, if he canĀ“t sinthetize clocks with a pll outside and work with ram control, then he shouldn't have promiss and accept money from people.
People besides money, deposit trust. Trust is broken. I just think I will take things legally if i don't get my money back or a working product. I have all emails, product invoice and foruns as proof. There are more than 2 people that I know that gave money for this product and I bet they can go along with me in legal ways. I just hope Mr. Dezz reads this and my emails. I may loose money, but I will not let it go easy.
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