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This is really weird problem if SND% stays stable, it has to be some kind of driver or hardware incompatibility, especially if there are glitches even if sound buffer is max (with multi-second latency..).

Are you 100% sure you have up to date sound driver, not some old Windows built-in driver. Note that emulators (and some music software) vs "normal" programs have very different requirements, emulators generally create lots of very small blocks of sound in real-time (less than 1000 samples if buffer is very small), many times/second, other programs play much larger samples.

Originally Posted by onkelarie View Post
Funny thing is (Correct me if I'm wrong Toni), that with these settings it tries to run PAL emulation, despite the 60hz monitor framerate.
It is normal. VSync does not care about PAL or NTSC, it simple changes "speed of time" to adjust emulation and real world refresh rates.

PAL emulation with 60Hz vsync means emulator still internally uses 50Hz timings (running program thinks it is running on PAL Amiga), only user sees 60Hz update. You can even adjust speed of emulation manually (fps adj setting) without breaking compatibility.
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