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@hnn, I completely feel your frustration. I used to struggle with the same problem for a long time as well. I did manage to solve it a few years ago and never used another configuration since.

So I'm now at home and checked my settings. I have in the display tab the following:

- Refresh rate (top right dropdown): Default refresh rate. This should set the rate to the default rate your videocard is at;
- In the settings section, I have set the screen to 'Native' (1920x1080 resolution in my case) with Legacy Sync selected;
- Last but not least, I use Triple buffering;

Funny thing is (Correct me if I'm wrong Toni), that with these settings it tries to run PAL emulation, despite the 60hz monitor framerate.

I always use the intro of Hybris to check if sound is running at the correct speed, I recognize it immediately when it's played at 60hz NTSC speed instead
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