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Hello Olaf,

please make a smaller base-package (not 1 GB) and put other optional things in (an) extra archive(s), like the contents of the following drawers:
Added_Components, Addons, Demos, Developer, Emulation, Games, Scalos, ScummVMGames, WHDGames.

It would be nice if you could update the icon.library from time to time. It's still 46.4.347, but the current version 46.4.390 should run much faster on Aros_Vision.

The ARexx port is still not working and crashes with "OpenWin.rexx" from daxb.

The deficon for disks or volumes is broken again now and tries to launch the disks instead of opening their windows. This is a DOpus5 bug which appears if a file or the related deficon has not the type "Disk". It was already fixed in the previous releases, but I don't know which deficon you are using now. You are the master of the mess. Fix it, please.
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