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The games goes magical as you progress. The large bee and the wizard may only be killed with magic, so physical strength is not enough per se. If your body is weak, you can use Magic Muscles or Magical Armour when needed, but weakness in magic has no cure.

the fish tank bug: first take the pictures from bedroom and see how the makeup is. Then get stuff from makeup room and uniform from costume room and put everything on in front of the mirror. Then get the poison formula from library (book of poisons). Go to basement and ask the scientist "if he wants help" first, then ask him to make the poison. After that use the poison on meat found in fridge room and bang! Give the meat to fish inside the tank and "take the key". Then try putting it back in (i guess you know this far) to get extra xp. If it does not work, try another set of disks or a WHDload file. Works like a charm!

Question: What in hell does "Detect Magic"??? I could never understand it. It says "makes you understand the power of magic"! What is that? I have used it a lot and seen no effect. What am I missing?

Hint for object management:
Do not leave stuff in various places. I normally collect and pile then between doors to studio 1 and 2. Put everything on the pile and don't make spells until your level is high enough (5 at least) except the spells needed to get you there (courage, turn undead) or those needing no ingredients (ice darts..). If you can use the fish tank bug and raise the level the better. I some times do the next part on levels 8-9 and the result is much better.

Make a brainboost and cast one. Your intelligence sky rockets. Now you make max spells out of objects. Now be quick on the pile and make spells like hell. You need to be careful not to use the items needed for the end. I normally put them at studio 3 door to be safe. Make the rare spells (luck, courage, telekinesis, magic armour, antidote...) first and the commons last (fireballs, freezing blades, ...). Use every useless object for freezing blade and use the damn spell as much, it helps a lot. Try to finish before the brainboost goes out.

Once you get the gems from inside spider caves, time for another brainboost and making lighting bolts, enchant weapon, absorb magic, etc.

People who played the game almost always forgot about illusion, fear and glue. They are cool, I have tried. Save NOVA for wizard, huge bee and angle of death. It is quite powerful, but few can be made.

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