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Re: Re: Re: New screenshots from "Secret of my Soul 3D"

Originally posted by RetroMan
Hmmmm Why do you think so ??? Only because it´s not GOTHIC 2 or something ??? I never seen such detailed 3D on Amiga untill today
It just looks very poor. Vary basic objects. Quite poor looking textures. Check out the requirements:

64MB ram
3D Graphics Card

After looking at the requirements I'd think they could do better than that. There's not even any proper lighting on the objects. I think Alien Breed 3D II looks better. Still if it's early days then there is still hope for it. I wonder what 3D graphics card they use for development. Voodoo 3 maybe?

I think when the AmigaOne and Amiga OS 4.0 are released the graphical quality of the few new Amiga games should get much better thanks to the inclusion of Mesa 5.0 which is basically OpenGL. I wonder how easy it would be to port an OpenGL Windows game to the AmigaOne?

What is sichtweite? Is this the frames per second? 20.0?
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