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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
Its size is 28.7 KB (29,392 bytes).

I was able to install OS4.1 using WinUAE without any problems. I'm waiting for my CyberstormPPC to return from Stachu so that I can finally try it on my A4000T.

Try booting using the floppy disk.
Ok, the size is exactly the same and the binary is a m68k exe - like it should be. But for some reason it's damaged and wont run, even "version" command doesn't find it's version information. Perhaps I need to take a look at it with a hex editor and see whether the string is there at all.

My config should be ok, since OS4 works like a charm. The boot floppy isn't even needed and doesn't change anything if I use instead a direct CD boot.

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