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Sound on = stuttering

I have been fiddling with WinUAE settings and just can't get it right, I can make (for example old demos) it run smoothly but only when the sound is disabled. Every time I switch the sound on, it is jerking / stuttering.

For example, if I watch an old Amiga intro that has a scroller. It scrolls from right to left smoothly but while the music is playing it stutters a lot.

I have tested WinUAE 2.51 and the latest 2.81 and both give me similar results.

Nothing I've tried helps:
- CPU emulation speed - Fastest / Approximate
- More compatible
- Immediate blitter / wait for blitter
- VSync on / off - Different resolutions and framerates
- Double/triple/no buffering
- Different sound settings, from lowest to highest frequency etc.

I'm starting to wonder if this stuff needs such an amount of processing power or something else, that my computer is not powerful enough. Or maybe there is something with my onboard soundcard etc. that this emulator doesn't like?

My setup is:
ASUS P8B75-M LX Plus motherboard
8gb RAM
nVidia 650 Ti 2gb gfx card
Win7 64bit
ACER X223W 22" display

One would assume that my system, while not being among the fastest, would be good enough(?)

It is weird, everything runs just fine when the sound is disabled but once I enable it, comes the stuttering.

Edit: Noticed this, every time I start it again it works smoothly for a few seconds, then it starts, as if some buffer gets full or something. When I keep it on for 5 mins it gets slower, slower, slower and finally halts to a crawl. Like it uses more and more and more of CPU or collects some carbage somewhere. When the sound is disabled it can run happily for as long as I want.

Any idea what should I try next? Thank you.

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