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This beta is working really well. The PPC emulation is getting almost as fast the real thing on a Core Due. I haven't tried this beta on a Core I5 yet but I think it is going to be just as fast as a real Cyberstorm PPC in a real A4000. The emulation has few weird hicups speedwise but no overall slow feeling when I compare it with the same software doing the same thing on my A4000.

I used my emulated OS4 setup to modify OS4 on my A4000. I changed the hard drive from an IDE CF card to a 4.3gb 68 pin SCSI drive. OS3.1 and 3.9 had no problems with that setup but OS4 wouldn't recognize the the new drive. The OS4 kickstart would load but when I got to the boot menu, only DF0 appeared. I thought it must be the kickstart was set for the old IDE drive. I set up my emulated OS4 drive with the "accelerator board SCSI" option and I just copied the emulated OS4 kickstart folder onto a Zip disk and copied it to the OS4 partition on my A4000 after renaming the original kickstart folder. It worked and I was able to boot into OS4 on my real Amiga without having to reinstall it.
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