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Sounds like your trying to boot a non classic bootloader.

Originally Posted by Pecosbil View Post
I just upgraded into OS4.1 Classic and I think there seems to be a corrupted file on the CD.

If I try to boot the CD, I get a message "C:BootLoader: bad loadfile hunk" (see attached screenshot). I managed to get it installed through my previous OS4 Classic installation (into a new hard drive image) but the end result is the same.
I downloaded all the updates from Hyperion's website, but sadly none of the archives contain an update to BootLoader (or even the same file). I have copied the file manually from the CD but obviously that don't help much. Also the old BootLoader from OS4 Classic won't help, because it can't load OS4.1 kernel (it loads all the modules from KickLayout, but then gets stuck on the pink screen - which later turns into red).

Could anyone who has a working OS4.1 Classic installation check the correct file size and version information?
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