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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
For games running off floppy disks, there are many games that will not work on the 1200. The 1200 can run almost all games, but it has to be WHDLoad versions which run off the HDD. To make that work properly, you need an accelerator and a HDD.

You can get CD-ROM interfaces for both the 1200 and the 500, however if you just want games, I do not see much point in having a CD-ROM drive. Only reason could be if you want to run CD32 games on the 1200 (although many of them can also be found in WHDLoad versions).

A A500 game that doesn't hardware bang and follow the "rules" work perfectly on any A500. Did you read the question?

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
The Amiga 500+ can switch between NTSC and PAL mode. The trick is to find a power supply adapter for 110 volts and let an Indivision ECS scan doubler do the rest. Also, there's an accelerator board in the works for all Amiga machines if you want to wait a long time.
If you want VGA you can find cheap (and a reason for that) scandoublers from PAL/NTSC to VGA.

Beware of glitches though. They are sampling the video, converting it, and it's a loss of 3-5 frames per seconds and that's devastating if you want to play Great Giana Sisters.

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