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Will this monitor take my Amiga's signal? (WITH PHOTOS)

Hi guys,

I have no idea when it comes to this mine field. I know I do not want to pay hundreds of pounds for a scan doubler. I simply want to emulate what I used to get by plugging my 1200 into a portable TV back in the day.

So, here are my Amiga ports as I'm sure your familiar with and just incase there were some revision I didn't know about.


A1200 zoomed:-

Dell monitor video inputs:-

Dell monitor zoomed:-

The ports look similar. Is there any redly available cable that will just pair these two together and for it to work properly?

Many thanks.


*****Please excuse the fact the stupid images are upside down and whatnot. I spent time correcting this on Photo Bucket where they are hosted but it rodent seem to have taken affect when linked.

****** Hopefully fixed this.

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