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Leading Lap has a similar view to Test Drive, yes, but there's another way to do the graphics for a third-person display like the Megadrive/Genesis version of Virtua Racer though. Since the graphics action is primarily vertical and in the Z dimension (back into the screen), the X dimension is not needed so badly so one way to get a nice split-screen effect without making the screen shorter, is to make the screen narrower. We can fill up the rightmost 64 pixels of display with nothing but sprites, using the BorderSprite bit on AGA. Since the blitter will be completely busy filling polygons and doing nothing else, all of the other parts will have to be CPU-blitted to sprites.

A Virtua Fighter/Tekken clone would need more horizontal movement though so we'd want to put the score and such in a top and bottom screen display, leaving the center screen full-width.

Even so, we would need a graphics card (or faster Amiga chipset than AGA) to go deeper than 5 bitplanes even then. Likewise, we'd need a hefty processor to crunch through the calculations for more than about 6 cars at once. I suspect that the Virtua Processor did some computational vertex translation on the chip as well as polygon acceleration to be able to get it to run on a flat 68000 clocked at 8 MHz.
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