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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
The Amiga polygon fill can go up to 3 or 4 bitplanes on AGA. ECS is stuck at 2. VirtuaRacer will have to wait for an FPGA accelerator.
You mean that Quake II will run but VR would not....
WTF??? Really? Could someone confirm that?

edit: I was just curious and did a quick check on google.
Wiki came up with that...

Due to the complexity of the Model 1 board, a home console version seemed unlikely, until 1994 when a cartridge design incorporating the Sega Virtua Processor on an extra chip was created to enable a version on the Genesis/Mega Drive. This chip was extremely expensive to manufacture, leading Sega to price the Genesis version of Virtua Racing unusually high: US$100 in the United States[2] and 70 in the United Kingdom.

Cant we emulate that crapy chip on bigger cpus like 040/060?
I mean the genesis itself was 68000 only.So there would be plenty of horsepower left...

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