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Hi everyone. Reply to all questions. I have thorough info of the game. Have finished all various scenarios. The items you asked (film reels, chain saw, chalice, ...) have no function so far as I know. Maybe they were to be used and later cancelled, or just put there for fun and making the atmosphere. The disks are divided for various parts of the whole map. Disk 4 is mostly death scenes and studio 3. There are 3 Elivras in the game, one in each studio. No matter how you play, the first 2 will always attack, the 3rd will follow for that is the real one. The other two are mimics. Anybody seen harry potter 7 when the snake takes the form of Batilda? Each Elvira (fake or real) has one item needed to complete the game: the tomahawk, war lance, indian bag. if you forget to take them after killing or rescuing you will have to go back and get them.
Best way is to complete studio 2, then 3 and finally 1. You may however take 2, 1 and then 3. This works good as well (making the catacombs easier, but the caves will give you hell).
There is trick with the fish tank in studio 2 that helps you gain level fast. Must kill the fish first (poisoned meat) and then take the key, and after that put it back. Repeat this and gain experience until you reach what level you like! The rest of the game will be easier then.
Read the books in the library at all costs. They give you nice clues. You need to read "Demonology" before the game can be completed. Don's use the heart, second brain, eggs, matches, black candles and the bible from the church or you are done for good.

Let me know if there is any questions. Best

The potions as someone asked, they give stat boost. It seemed to me that their effects varied according to the character I chose at the beginning. Not sure though. Some cluebooks and guides give good description. If anybody using Amiga emulation and WHDload packs, the pack I got had several "solutions" and "cluebook" as well as "cave maps". It lacked maps for "Catacombs" though. You may find a pdf file on the internet containing all maps. Google "Elvira 2 jaws of cerberus catacomb maps" and you may find the link. Good luck

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