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Originally Posted by DukeOfAwesome View Post

I did get it to boot once with Picasso96 installed by disabling Picasso IV emulation, booting with AGA screen mode and removing the board association in P96Mode then re adding it after rebooting, I could test all screen modes OK but after rebooting again the same black screen issue appeared. I haven't been able to get this to work again though.
I also noticed that if you don't have "Dislpay Chain" checked in PVS Tooltypes tab, you can't get any Amiga display modes through (only black screen). On the other hand uaegfx doesn't require this but PicassoIV does (but I think this is not a bug, it's a feature. Maybe it's got something to do with fact that PIV had a scandoubler built in). But, if you only use Picasso IV screens, this doesn't help much with the problems you're having...

BTW, it seems that QEMU Cirrus Logic SVGA chip emulation has a small bug (this happens with Picasso II, Picasso IV, Piccolo, and probably with all the other ones as well) that displays 320x240 mode wrong. It looks more like 320x480, for example uaegfx doesn't have this problem and this screenmode works fine there.

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