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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
Went to a Black Screen just after the Sword in Inventory Flashed ???
Try to reproduce it. Then send me a save game and instructions how to get it. Without that i can do nothing.

Originally Posted by OldB0y View Post
The ST's soundchip was an off-the-shelf component that had no-where near the capabilities of the Amiga's Paula chip. To use higher quality samples would require a lot of CPU time on the ST. Don't forget the Amiga had custom graphics/sound hardware which could offload a lot of otherwise CPU intensive stuff, the (basic) ST simply did not.
The YM2149 chip is not supposed to be able to play samples at all. It can do it only with a trick but the cpu has to push every sample manually (no dma). Disk space can count too, so low frequencies are quite common.

Anyway, the ST can do high frequencies when it has nothing else to do. Listen to the title music for example.
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