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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
The A1000 will be hardwired to run either PAL or NTSC graphics and can't be software changed to run the other one. Since most games require PAL, any NTSC model A1000s will not be useful for playing games. Since 1084 series monitors are aging and going out of commission, as both of mine have, they are getting hard to find. Thus trying to find a 50Hz display of any sort is very difficult here in the USA. Also, scan-doublers and flicker-fixers are hard to use with the A1000 due to their older version of OCS.

Long story short, an A500 or A1200 with a scan-doubler (or other multiple) will allow you to hook your computer to some modern TVs or VGA monitors. There are very few scan-doublers that will work on an A1000 though.

If you choose the A500, getting an Indivision ECS will add 256-color chunky display modes to the A500, making it run most of the software that has been ported to the A1200 from the PC anyway, if that floats your boat. The Indivision AGA Mk 2 for the A1200 doesn't have that feature.

Also, the Vampire 500 accelerator will soon add a flash memory controller compatible with the hard drive controller of the A600, as well as a fast FPGA-based processor emulation. Once that is done, work will commence on a built-in display controller for the FPGA.
So with an A1000, I would have to have an Amiga monitor?
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