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Well, I just tried to revert back to the way I had the vhd when I first posted. Now I can't even get the installer program to start. After the logo screen goes black it just sits there. This is with the latest I downloaded.

The attached log is from a 3.9GB vhd, always freshly made, and only gets to the black screen after logo.

Steps for making a vhd I take:

Add hardfile...
3900 MB
Check Dynamic HDF
Click Create and give it a name
HD Controller to Acclelarator board SCSI, unit 0
Click Enable RDB Mode

I just tried it again, never saw logo screen.

As posted earlier, I have tried a dozen times with different file systems using MediaToolbox. I have yet to get it boot after install. I will keep trying and try the "old way" of using OS3.1 floppy to partition it and see it works.

Originally we used IDE and un-checked "Load the cybppc.device" in install wizard. Should we be not un-ticking it now?

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