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Originally Posted by antiriad76 View Post
I found the A4000 - A4000T ROMs from a Cloanto AF from 2010 and it worked. I was able to boot from the AMIGAOS 4.0 Setup floppy without having to partion the drive in Workbench 3.1.

Now everything seems to work fine except the the fact that WINUAE seems to lock up randomly during PPC Mode. The Stats show that the CPU is Running but everything on the emulator screen is frozen. I was at least able to start the Install process before it hung at 20%.


I only happens when running in a Picasso4 screen mode. Try AGA and it never hangs. (by the way does WinUAE crash or the emulation freezes? For example if you reboot by ctrlaa, does the emulation reboots? It's like that here) I will try using a Picasso4 with a 3.9 installation to test if the same thing happens.
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