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Originally Posted by MickJT View Post
The filesystems in L: and on the OS4.1 Classic CD are 68k. They must be, otherwise the system won't be able to boot to start the PPC processor. Media Toolbox doesn't even let you add SYS:Kickstart/SmartFileSystem if you try. You need to use the 68k one in SYS:L/. However on PPC only machines, you don't need to add anything to the RDB at all, but you get an extra option to add a bootloader (usually slb_v2).
With newer machines, like X1000, you dont need anything.
No FS or Bootloader.

Yes, don't even look in kickstart folder as thats all PPC stuff.

Originally Posted by amigafreak68k View Post
Yes. But it's not the one from AmigaOS 3.x
Its based on FS from 3.1. Updated.
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