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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
This is not within the standard output frequencies of today's VGA/DVI monitors, which is why it's also not in the standard modes that are included with the factory config.

However, you can create a non-standard output screenmode @50Hz with the config tool and assign that to PAL-nonlace for gaming (if your monitor supports 50Hz, that is). The output is NOT V-synced, but animation is still smooth, as most monitors don't support V-syncing anyway.
I'm not really sure what you mean by this? How does the monitor know anything about vsync? Some/many monitors will convert the received framerate into the display's fixed framerate, but how will that make animations smooth?

Since 50Hz is a standard on HDMI, it would be very useful if there was a standard setting providing a HDMI compatible 1280x720@50Hz output from the Indivision (using a DVI-HDMI converter). On many TVs, that could provide a very nice and smooth picture, better than using their SCART inputs.

For Indivision Mk3, you should consider DisplayPort and FreeSync to get optimal smoothness.
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