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Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
Quick question regarding the Indivision AGA MK2cr.... can it output via DVI (digital signal) @ 50hz? I would like to get one but only if it retains the 50hz frequency so I can connect to a normal TV with a DVI->HDMI adapter.
This is not within the standard output frequencies of today's VGA/DVI monitors, which is why it's also not in the standard modes that are included with the factory config.

However, you can create a non-standard output screenmode @50Hz with the config tool and assign that to PAL-nonlace for gaming (if your monitor supports 50Hz, that is). The output is NOT V-synced, but animation is still smooth, as most monitors don't support V-syncing anyway.

Originally Posted by Nostromo View Post
And another question on Chameleon... Can it output @ 50hz when using C64 and Amiga cores? (via VGA obviously)
Chameleon in C64 standalone or cartridge mode does support V-Syncing, but many monitors don't like such low frequencies. CRTs are really the best output units, as they work without a framebuffer. Some flat screens with gaming functions do support V-Syncing (the expensive ones do...). There's a list of compatible monitors in our wiki. If you find a new compatible monitor, please report, so we can update the Wiki.

Chameleon with Minimig core has a scandoubler only, not a framebuffer, so it's V-Synced "by nature" - if you run this core in PAL mode, your monitor MUST support 50Hz, otherwise you only get an "out of range" (or similar) error message.

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