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Originally Posted by mritter0 View Post
New logs with the latest test beta (

I am beginning to think it is the MediaToolbox on the cd. I can not get ANY hd format to work, Standard, FFS, or SFS. I am making sure I set the proper settings according to the manual. Sometimes it says "Not a DOS disk in DH0", other times it will boot, show OS4.1 logo, then go to "Insert floppy disk" screen and not continue booting. I think I have tried to re-install at least 20 times now.

Is anyone else having this issue using the MediaToolbox on the OS4.1 cd? I am making the vhd or hdf in WinUAE the same way, Accelerator Board SCSI. Start from floppy/CD. Go to MediaToolbox, mount the drive/partition, add filesystem, etc. Reboot. OS4.1 installs just fine. Reboot. Won't boot.
Log is now different and problem is also gone, did you change config? (If you did, use original config and attach log again)

I think your problem must be somehow related to your drive size which is exactly 4G. Try some other size, slightly less 4G for example. Not a dos disk is normal if boot partition is not 3.x compatible. (EDIT: as in, no m68k filesystem in RDB)

EDIT: Did you also create the hdf/vhd from scratch? (Delete and create new one)

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