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Originally Posted by SteveUK View Post
I will finish it off soon
That is awesome! Well, talk about pressure

Originally Posted by Cobe View Post
Does this mean that it has potential to become, beside excellent remake, Amiga's BOR also?
I would love that - I suppose if all fails then it could be made to resemble BOR to some degree of functionality. Maybe if I tried that it would help me get my head around the AI

The memory used is about 1.7mb chip + around 250kb of fast (purely for the music). I don't foresee there being any need for more fast memory. I reckon it will need to be booted from CLI for everybody in the end even though I can start it from my Workbench at the moment.

So any AGA Amiga with fast expansion should be fine. I'm not sure about CD32, is the data for the game read from the CD? (Edit: ok that's painfully obvious) For CD32 it obviously deserves cdda music. I have no experience with this which does not mean it can't happen but I would certainly need help - when (and we must still say if) that point ever comes.

I'm grilling my head over the game's AI every chance I get which is not so often right now. When I'm satisfied there's actually a lot of new material to put in.

Anyway, thanks for all the support as it certainly helps!

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