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DigiBooster 3.1 released

DigiBooster 3.1 was released for AmigaOS 3, AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS.

DigiBooster 3.1 is available on CD-ROM and as download in our online-shop

DigiBooster 3.1 follows the traditional tracker's way of making music with an
advanced audio processing engine, and an up-to-date MUI based graphical user
interface. It retains backward compatibility with its Amiga ancestor,
DigiBooster Pro 2. On the other hand the program code has been written from
scratch. Its modular design gives it a straightforward path for future
development. Except for versions for classic Amiga computers, DigiBooster 3.1
is also compiled for PowerPC processors, taking advantage of their greater
computing power.

DigiBooster 3.1 key features:

* ProTracker modules import. DigiBooster 3.1 can load and play basic four track
modules, as well as multichannel ones, up to 32 channels. Import quality is
significantly better than in DigiBooster Pro 2.x.

* Autosaving. DigiBooster 3.1 can save in user defined periods of time and
keep defined number of lately saved versions with autorotation.

* Finished block operations in the pattern editor. DigiBooster 3 supports
multitrack blocks. Block operations are also available in the ARexx interface.

* ARexx commands for loading/importing the module and starting playback.

* New languages: French and Polish.

How to get an update to version 3.1 ?

The update from version 3.0 to 3.1 is available for free!
Updates from older releases (DBPro 2.x) are not possible!

Users who bought the download version before just have to login at our online-shop
and simply download the current full version archive of DigiBooster 3.1.

Users with the CD-ROM version of DigiBooster 3.0 simply write an eMail to
with the following content:

registration number (not serial!)
complete postal address
your eMail-address (the archive is about 3 MByte large!)

You will get your update immediately via eMail.

DigiBooster 3.1 system requirements:

AmigaOS 3:
Minimum: 68020, Harddrive, 8 MByte Fast-RAM, Workbench 3.0, MUI 3.8, AHI 4.x, screenmode 640x480.
Recommended: AmigaOS 3.x, 68060/50 MHz, 16 MByte Fast-RAM, graphics card, soundcard.
Supports: WinUAE (JIT enabled) with Picasso96 and dedicated AHI drivers.

AmigaOS 4:
Minimum: AmigaOS 4.0, Harddrive, 128 MByte RAM, MUI 3.9.
Recommended: AHI compatible soundcard, +500 MHz processor.

Minimum: MorphOS 2.7, Harddrive, 128 MByte RAM.
Recommended: AHI compatible soundcard, +500 MHz processor.
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