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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Sorry but..

First, this surely has nothing to with this beta series.. (see first post)
Also there was no useful information whatsoever in that message and I don't ask details via email and finally, information included has to be correct or nothing would work!

EDIT: Code talks. Not guesses.
1) The FPU disable patch code is not in Amiga executable format (it only works when patched into exec.library)

2) Cosmos didn't send me what you may consider a proper WinUAE bug report

3) I don't have a WinUAE system, so if you don't you want to email Cosmos then your only option would be to download one of his exec patches and generate your own WinUAE bug report

4) I write and test my code on real 68K Amiga's so why do you (or Cosmos) think it's my problem if it fails with WinUAE?

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