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60 FPU disable patch

Cosmos asked me to post this message:

Hi (SpeedGeek)!

I just checked with WinUAE beta 17 your following code :
[060 FPU disable patch]

Your small code freeze the boot with WinUAE CPU 68020 and 68040...

Works fine only with CPU 68060...

Could you check with Toni Wilen for fixing the bug ?


Here's my reply:

That's the problem with emulation... it's never 100% the same as a real 68K CPU! It works with a real 030, 040 and 060 so WinUAE must have some difference in the exception code handling.

Does WinUAE use the correct stack frame? Does it execute this code in Supervisor mode with proper emulation? Does it generate the correct exception vector for illegal instructions? Does it emulate the VBR correctly?

It's up to Toni Wilen to fix this problem (I'll post your bug report on EAB)...

P.S. I assume you already know the email address for Cosmos.
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