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Ahh yes I forgot to mention if you want to use DOS\07, then add the latest FastFileSystem to the RDB and set that identifier when adding it. It's on the CD in System/L/

Originally Posted by FOL View Post
If I recall, 00 and 02 support large files / partitions.
SFS/02 is the best to use as it supports long file names and is the fastest option.
According to the research I did, SFS\02 is needed if you want large file support (especially over 4GB, although some sites mention >2GB). (back when it was called SFS2 and not part of SFS). It says "respectively" but without any reference. I think when they say over 2GB, they mean up to 4GB. Therefore SFS and SFS2 support >2GB (but <4GB) and >4GB respectively. (mentions >2GB for partitions & filesizes). I think that's just a mistake. (only mentions >4GB). Same with the readme on Aminet.

I think the readme along with this link is definitive: which explains the limits for SFS\00 and SFS\02. So it would appear SFS\00 does up to 4GB, and SFS\02 will go above that. I've edited my earlier post now.

SFS\00 is limited to a 128GB partition (but could you put a 128GB partition at the end of a 500GB drive?).

According to System/Documentation/FastFileSystem/INTRODUCTION and README, it looks like 2GB is still the filesize limit for FFS regardless of DosType.

Edit: I just noticed SYS:Documentation/File_System_Table.pdf which explains all of the same stuff.

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