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Smile Hello from Australia

Hi All,

My name is Epsilon and I am from Adelaide, Australia.

Probably some of you know me from my regular Classic Amiga and NG Amiga blogs I write at and

I have been an Amiga user since 1988, a former Amiga demo scene member for The Experience (active in the mid-late 1990's), and still very much actively using Classic and NG Amiga systems in 2014!

I am attending AmiWest 2014 for the first time this year and I look forward to meeting some of the EAB members at the show!

I decided to join EAB initially because of the interesting work around the AmigaOS4.1 Classic using WinUAE PPC emulation work coming up in threads here. I have also learnt lots of tips from this site over the years but for some reason didn't join - I guess being member of 3 forum sites (, and was enough material to catch up on each day!

Recently however, has become a quite unpleasant place to visit. I am tired of the negativity there so I have decided to stop reading it, and find another Amiga forum community to be part of instead.

So here I am at EAB!

I hope to learn more about the Amiga, and also positively contribute to the discussion and community here at EAB.

I look forward to getting to know you all!

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