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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
I really don't believe it's a problem with a specific map file. If you look at this [ Show youtube player ] you can see the problem exists.

For this bug to be correct on some version, you would need alternate tile graphics, possibly an alternate tile lookup map, and then the run-length-encoded data would also have to be altered.

It just doesn't seem feasible that another version exists with all those things different. It'd be more likely you'd have a case like Ninja Gaiden 2 where 2 bytes corrupt in one file destroyed the entire tile graphics on a level.

If you wish to check other versions though, the corrupt data is this sequence of bytes: $c6, $c7, $8, $7. If you find a version which doesn't have that sequence, then it's worth splicing the data in and seeing what happens. But I really doubt you'll find another version without that.
So are all the same bugs present in the ST and Amiga versions the same then?

The reason why i'm still of the mind of a map file problem is simply because of file corruption issues where the collision blocks were fucked until I changed the size and format of the file.
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