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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Do I really have to remind again that "not working" "reports" ARE NOT ALLOWED!

EDIT: It is very important to include everything possible (config, logs all) because I won't do any PPC debugging, especially OS4!

Here are the logs from the last time WinUAE froze. It sometimes continues working after a minute or two. I also have seen it continue running after pressing f12 and then clicking ok.

By the way.. Is full window mode allowed or should we all run it in Window mode?

Also if I change aspect ratio from automatic to disabled (from expansions tab), lots of mouse pointers appear randomly on screen while moving mouse.

Before trying the two updated files, it was running for at least 10 minutes without any freezes: [ Show youtube player ]

EDIT: After reporting this, I tried running OS4 once again and it got suck at purple screen. I tried "f12 + ok" and it did not change anything. Then I changed DirectDraw (was trying Non Local Mem option) to Direct3d and it suddenly started booting but everything was slow and sound played in slow motion and crackled. I then changed to DirectDraw and everything became smooth immediately)

EDIT2: Then I click the full window on my second monitor and saw that everything was frozen. I pressed F12 and switched back to direct3d and it WinUAE suddenly was unpaused and it was working again.

EDIT3: It did not work the third time. It was frozen for good.
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