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been twiddling around the ScummVM AGA 030 after the DOTT-AGA crashed.

This one works kinda, but without sound.

Blizzard 030 MK4 / 32 MB / 3.9 / CF with SFS / copymem030 patched, blizkick ROM to FAST ok...

AHI definately checked up, should be ok. All other AHI-programs and games work fine.

Tooltype requester does not show up (as was with Overmann).

The readme says:
"There are a few Tooltypes to play with."

and then displays TWO.

Would love to see the rest, can't find info.

Thanks for the Amiga port. Hopefully will get it sorted out on my end.

Just awhile ago started using (real) amigas again after a 10 year brake, so I feel still a bit novice.


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