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Originally Posted by ancalimon View Post
Just wanted to say that disabling fasterrtg inside misc setting seems to fix the freezes at the moment... But emulation is running much faster as well. As if it's running in Direct3d mode (although I'm using directdraw mode at the moment)
Hmm.. It shouldn't have any effect. But entering GUI even once could have caused strange things to happen. updated.

Originally Posted by huepper View Post
EDIT: now edit with OWB 3.32, it works. (but we need more memory )
I need someone who has BlizzardPPC with full 256M to confirm full physical memory layout. (Assuming OS4 for classics supports it) Unfortunately BPPC SCSI is not supported so HD speed won't be that good..

Originally Posted by FOL View Post
You can already, click save all and it puts all logs in one file.
Small but important correction: tick logging checkbox in paths panel, then and only then start emulation. winuaelog.txt is not generated by default because it can slow down emulation in some situations.
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