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WinUAE 2.8.1 crashes with Wazp3D

Last weekend I had an eye on WinUAE. I wanted to run BlitzQuake with Wazp3D but I was not able to get it working. WinUAE keeps crashing to Desktop when running a Warp3D application.

What I did:
Host is an IBM T60p with XP (32bit). I think this machine should have enough power for this.
Downloaded WinUAE 2.8.1 (ZIP archive).
Updated DX to DX9c.
Did a setup for an A4k, 040, 2MB Chip, 16MB onboard, 128MB turbocard mem., "allow native code" turned on, uaegfx zorro III (8MB).
Installed OS 3.9 + BB1+2 + MWB39
Installed Picasso96 2.1b. It selects the uaegfx automatically.
Installed Warp3D.
Extracted Wazp3D, copied the uae library to LIBS:Warp3D.library
Copied the soft3d.library to LIBS.
Copied the soft3d.dll to the winuae.exe dir.

OS3.9 runs fine. I can run WHDload games and demos etc...
But when I run e.g. gears68ksmall WinUAE freezes and then crashed without any "comment" to desktop.

What did I miss?
Thx for advice.
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