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Originally posted by MethodGit
Well, I've given up on trying to get CDs to work in CD³² mode. Every time it fails the CD-drive (I have two) doesn't seem to want to spit out the CD when I press Eject, then when I open up My Computer it gets stuck trying to read that drive. Eventually the system goes to shit, I can't get the CD out (ctrl-alt-del'ing My Computer does nothing to help whatsoever) and in the end I have to reset my whole comp and start up again.
Well, I think this is the most revealing clue so far in your lurid misadventures. There seems to be issues with the burned CD itself if you are experiencing problems ejecting the CD. This happens with me only on problem CD's that aren't burned proper - the PC is trying to read the disc and the data is not written properly somehow. Are you finalizing the CD's you burn? Or are you leaving them open to write? Is this a CD-RW thing?

Frankly, I think you should take EasyCD and soak it in acid (not the drug) until there is nothing left but a bad memory. But to each his own.

Your problem seems to lie in your burned discs and not any of the other avenues you are seeking in the WinUAE realm.
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