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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
Where do you set the PPC model in WinUAE?
Read changelog.

Originally Posted by thellier View Post
1) In the "Cpu and Fpu" settings : Does the "PPC CPU Options" are the only options that impact ppc emulation/speed ? Or does some options impact both 68k and ppc ?
Yes but there can be some differences when both CPUs are active. JIT for example can slow down PPC in some situations.

There is no difference if m68k is stopped.

2)From amiga side is there a way to obtain a 32 bit wb screen (not 16/24bits) ? using an other RTG card ?
Do you mean using hardware (cirrus logic) emulation? Yes but it is restricted to max resolution 800x600 or so. old hardware == pixel clock rate and memory bandwidth was quite low.

Emulated hardware won't have any bandwidth restrictions but you need to patch existing drivers to allow selection of higher modes that original hardware does not support.
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