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I don't know about OS4.0, but following this guide for OS4.1 may cause problems because the guide never instructs you to set the right DosType/identifier for the filesystem. If you use FFS, you need to use DOS\07 to support long file names (or click "Long filenames" in Media Toolbox when partitioning).

OS4.1 has file names such as "DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold Oblique.font" and "Nimbus Sans L Regular Condensed Italic.font" that come standard with the OS. Browsers or other programs that use fontconfig cache files will continually rebuild the font cache each time the program is ran, as it won't be able to find the cache file (unless manually specified in each program's fonts.conf).

SFS is faster, has a .recycled directory (can be disabled when formatting with SFSformat), doesn't need a long validation if corrupted, and supports long file names by default. Remember to use a block size of 512 if using SFS. SFS\00 works with Partition Wizard and SFSCheck, and support filesizes beyond 2GB but only up to 4GB (- 2 bytes; 4,294,967,294). SFS\02 supports files larger than 4GB.

Or, PFS3 could be used as well.

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