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Originally Posted by Schlachtwerk View Post
Sometimes will FX Paint run realy fast and sometimes it is slow like hell oder will not start.
I am getting very erratic behavior from FXpaint and from VHI studio which is also from IO Spirit. I am using FXpaint 2.01. I assume it is due to some fault or defeciency in the Qemu emulation. It worked fine in the pre Qemu betas but was extremely slow. All the other PPC software I have tried has worked very well with Qemu except these two IO Spirit programs. There is a slight improvement from beta 16 and I usually get both programs to start but they both freeze at some point. VHI studio usually gets a bit further and I get to the point where it seems to be working but it freezes when I try to do something. FXPaint freezes on loading but I can still use the workbench and other software with a partially loaded FX screen.
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