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Originally Posted by Lobotomika View Post
Wow I completely forgot about this thread and weren't logging on eab for some time, sorry. Those two files are zoned now and upon further examination i think aiab105 is too complex for me to decide what's illegal and what's not so please DM me a private location i can share it with you and you decide what to share with the public yourself. Thank you for reviving this project after so many years. What you're doing is kinda retro-retro computing. I wonder if we're gonna revive eab with this thread in it in a decade, inception style.
Thanks for uploading those two files to The Zone for me to have a look at.

I will PM you in the next couple of days with the URL of a private location where you may upload the aiab105 archives. I will strip the copyrighted content and see what's left.

If any of these files are sufficiently different from those files I have already uploaded to the AIAB server, then I will upload them as well.

Thanks again for making these files available, it's very kind of you.
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