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I've been covering amiga music, professionally since I was 16 (over 10 years now - my dad is a musician), I've enjoyed computer music since the days of SID on c64. (Cubase - Roland SC-88Pro Module/Roland XP-80 Synth)

Some things I've done:
monkey island
pinball dreams
elekfunk (arte)
living insanity (arte)
alien breed

I've recently uploaded hardwired, but it seems the account is deleted. I will send you a link when I've upload it again.

Quality stuff, up there, with Back In Time.

I'm thinking of making a CD(s) similar to BIT. Earn some money selling them, via an online company. But I don't know how it works.

Ps. I'll notify you when the map of exile is done too... 1/3rd done (looks great, buts its a pain to do). There's another possible re-incarnation of exile on the horizon as well.

Oh, don't tell me that you haven't heard any of Chris H's work.
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