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I actually used Octamed to control my studio in the mid 90s. Didn't take advantage of using it as a sampler.

Early Akai samplers were 12 bit on conception then, 16 bit in 1988 with the introduction of the S1000. At the time they were well out of my price range.

I would strongly argue the Amiga 500 sampler cartridge combo was by far the most cost effective way to get into sampling back then. You even got a free sequencer.

Somehow though back then it was all exciting. No doubt due to the limitations imposed by the hardware. IE you could only use 4 samples at the same time. Even the mighty Akai S900 industry standard could only pull off 8 notes 12 bit.

In these days of a laptop being able to do absolutely everything from create, midtown, master, distribute, to me what was once a challenge is now a push over. Very sad. Hence me turing back to limited methods.
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